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Our Services

Accounting Services

Our company, having many years of experience in accounting and tax services, supports the correct functioning of your accounting department, either on sight or remote. Correct functioning requires specialized knowledge, diligence and organization, so that entrepreneurs are kept up to date promptly and expertly in order to be able to manage the future of their businesses. Our company can be the consultant of your business, offering innovative solutions which are based on our wealth of experience, but also on a range of collaborations with many sectors of the market.

Our specialized staff updates your accounting systems in a knowledgeable and accurate way, thus laying the foundations for correct entrepreneurial decisions. If you so wish, they can analyze your financial figures in depth, helping you to discover aspects of your company which you never noticed before, thus contributing to the company’s total understanding in order for the right decisions to be made.

The accounting services which our company can provide are the following:

  • Single and double-entry bookkeeping, according to Greek Accounting Standards and in accordance with the relevant legislation.
  • All operations can be completed either on sight or remote.
  • The drawing up of financial statements at the end of the financial year.
  • The organization and supervision of company’s accounting department.
  • The task analysis of the accounting department.
  • The supervision of the accounting department by a specialized accountant on a regular basis (e.g. weekly) on sight, also consulting the appropriate staff.
  • The execution of all interactions with the Public Sector related to the business sector (Domestic Revenue, Insurance Organizations, the General Commercial Registry, Chambers of Commerce).
Accounting Services

Tax Services

Timely and accurate tax information is a major advantage for the contemporary company, as well as for the taxpaying citizen, due to the extent and frequency of changes which take place in tax legislation.

Our experienced staff, is in a position to provide high-quality services, with immediate awareness and interpretation of all the tax changes.

Our basic services in the area of taxation are the following:

  • Tax consulting for companies and individuals, which focuses on the specific area of activity concerned.
  • The completion and submission of tax declarations for both private and public sectors (local government, legal entities of public law, etc), as well as for individuals.
  • In the case of tax audits, support is provided, by collaborating with any legal expert who may deal with the case.
  • The taxation of Individuals of all particular areas.
  • Wide knowledge of all laws concerning development and investments and use of the tax advantages they offer.
  • Taxation of the real estate of companies and individuals. Completion of all relevant forms and declarations.
  • Interactions within corporate schemes. Consulting regarding the relevant legislation.
Tax Services

Business consultants

The contemporary entrepreneurial environment demands knowledge not only of the rules, but also of the needs of a business in order for it to exist in favorable conditions and to develop and survive in the medium and long term.

The goal of our business consultants is
  •  to improve the efficiency of your company or organization,
  • to reduce and minimize entrepreneurial risk and, essentially,
  • to achieve the greatest possible exploitation of the opportunities which exist at any given moment in the entrepreneurial environment.

The consulting services which we provide are the following:

  • The creation of business plans.
  • Annual budgeting.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Internal audit services.
  • Management consulting.
  • Development strategies.
  • Financial planning.
  • Debt restructuring.
Business consultants

Payroll / labor law

Our company takes on payroll procedures for all businesses. It safeguards the client against all day-to-day law changes, correctly and efficiently, thus avoiding the unnecessary expenditure of time, money and resources. Solutions are always provided in all the difficult situations which may arise in labor law cases.

Our payroll and labor law services are provided either on site, using your own software, or by remote communication using our systems.

labor law

Setting up a business

We always propose to our future partners to double check on their initial idea, consulting with us and forming an informal “business plan”.

After you decide to create a company that will facilitate your plan, and you are seeking a suitable partner to make this dream come true, then the ideal solution is our company.

Our staff will take on the entire procedure of starting your new business.

Choosing the correct partner is an important decision, since, apart from the cost involved, there is the matter of trust in their ability to complete the process successfully and quickly. The experience and ability of our staff makes the procedure of setting up a new firm reliable and certain, with the selection of the legal form which best suits the needs of your new enterprise. Because of our automations, we can provide all of this at a very reasonable cost.

The steps required in the setting up of your new business include the legal steps of the incorporation of your new company. This includes

  • the Articles of Incorporation,
  • the General Commercial Registry,
  • the tax office registration,
  • the opening a bank account,
  • the certificate of deposit of the company’s capital, and
  • other secondary procedures which are required.

Financial Analysis – Reporting

Our company has a wealth of experience in financial analysis. From the moment that accounts and balance sheets are formed, we begin the comprehensive analysis of that data, should the enterprise so desire, drawing up numerous financial reports, which provide answers and solutions regarding the particular position and condition, at any given moment in time, of your business. Indicatively, you will have:

  •  Profit & Loss statements 
  • Balance sheet statements 
  • Cash flow reports. 
  • Financial indicators analysis 
  • Evaluation systems 
  • Custom made reports to fit your special needs of information

All of the above forms a Management Information System that will help you

  • Realize the value of the business
  • Understand the sensitivities that influence your business
  • Make the right decisions, and
  • Implement your strategies

Additionally to the previous benefits, you can also

  • Learn the value of your company with various alternative methods,
  • Evaluate a project in the case of the purchase by your business.
  • Evaluate your business or part of it, in case of a sale.
  • Have the disposal financial reports which will help you to reduce the operating costs of your business.
  • Create a budget and have comparisons to help you reach your targets.
  • Costing of products and components.
  • Learn the breakeven point of your business.
Financial Analysis


Our company offers training services in areas which it also supports as services to its clients. These include the following:

  • Tax seminars – tax planning. 
  • Enterprise viability - breakeven point. 
  • Cost reduction. 
  • Financial Analysis. 
  • Advanced Excel modeling

Subsidised Programmes

Subsidised Programmes


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